what the fluff?

Hi! I’m Joan, a writer and illustrator living in Santa Monica, California
with two cats (Friday and Marvin, pictured above) and five ukuleles (so far).
I love all things weird and spooky. My favorite song is September, by Earth Wind & Fire.
Welcome to my website!

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In the Shadow of the Hills

I used to live in an apartment building in a small, hip neighborhood in the foothills of Mount Lee: north of Hollywood and west of Los Feliz. From the bottom of the street two blocks west of my old street, you can see the Hollywood Sign. More than once, I saw a tourist standing in …

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Newest Short Story

Intergalactic Uprising

Tyler was making a list of the things that sucked ass about the end of the world. It was an extremely long list.

Numero Uno on The List of Suck was how the end of the world had turned him philosophical. He’d never wanted to be that guy who sat around drinking organic kombucha, and contemplating his place in the universe while stroking his ironic blacksmith beard. All he’d wanted out of life was to get famous, and make a shit-ton of money, get laid a lot, and retire at thirty. Was that so much to ask from the universe?

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