what the fluff?

doodler, scribbler, daydreamer, stargazer & woolgatherer…

I’m Joan, a writer and illustrator living in Santa Monica, California with my cat, too many art supplies, and a few ukuleles. I love all things weird and spooky. My favorite song is September, by Earth Wind & Fire.

My illustration and my writing are profoundly influenced by my childhood and my teenage years.

I’m a Gen X’er: I grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, and spent my summers at camp, when I wasn’t roaming wild through my neighborhood until dinnertime. I went to slumber parties, I trick-or-treated, I explored the woods and the sewer culvert at the bottom of our street, I ran outside during thunderstorms, and I read a ton of books. I hated being scared, but secretly… I kinda liked it, too.

My cats, Friday & Marvin
Marvin passed away in May of 2021, but this picture is so stinkin cute, I didn’t want to remove it.
This was taken during fire season, on a day when I had to close my windows because of smoky air. Marvin was chill, as always — but Friday was EXTREMELY upset, and began frantically scratching at my bedroom window.